Good Day to Fly

I managed to get out to the field a couple of weekends ago with my friends Trent and Greg. I got my FT22 and Blunt-nose Versa maidened and flew my quad with FPV. Below is a video of my FT22.


Just Plane Obsessed

FT 22, Versa, and Blunt-Nose Versa with FPV gear

The compartments are handy for a clean, professional look -- even though this is foam board!

Fat Shark FPV camera and TX installed in the wing.



As the weather starts to thaw, I feel like I am crawling out of a deep dark cave where I've been hibernating. Granted, over the frigid winter I've spent time on various projects - Jeep upgrade (plus frozen creek adventures), BOEBot, Arduino, a bed for my thirddaughter, a quadcopter rebuild, and various foam airplanes. I've even spent some time on an R/C trainer to try and hone my skills. Still -- the darkness had me feeling unproductive and unmotivated.

Now it's time to wake up and get stuff done!

My recently completed FT-22.

Lately I've gotten into flying my quadcopter with FPV goggles from FatShark. Unfortunately for me, it's been like re-learning how to fly. Orientation, altitude -- all complicated until I can get used to flying by visual reference instead of looking at the quad itself.

I did have a chance over the weekend to do some indoor flying at a local gym. It really helped to tune my quad without interference from the wind.

Quadcopters and FPV gear.


Light it up!

My friend Tim gave me a two foot long strip of RGB LED's a while back and I've been planning to add them to the inside of one of my foam planes to light it up at night. Being impatient, I wired up a harness and attached two small strips to the front of my quadcopter instead. The result is stunning -- super bright! I just don't know how much of a drain it will have on the battery.


My Growing Foam Fleet

Thanks to the guys over at Flitetest, I'm now addicted to building R/C planes out of foam core. This weekend I finished yet another (upper left). Pictured below is half of my foam fleet.

FT Speedster, Simple Soarer, and Versa Wing


Quadcopter Fall Colors

I decided to expand my R/C hobby into quadcopters -- that is, I ordered parts and scratch built my own. The frame is an impressive 2.2 pounds with four 11" propellers. After tuning for a while, I finally got brave and mounted my old Creative Vado camera to the front and took it for a test flight. The results were stunning. (Turn your volume down if you don't want to hear prop-noise.)

Unfortunately, my luck did not prevail and on a follow-up flight a couple of days later, I crashed hard into the sidewalk. After rebuilding the frame, I'm still tuning and plan to upgrade the firmware on the controller board before I get brave again. Patience. Perseverance.


Continued Success

While my parents visited for a High School reunion, my Dad and I built yet another plane -- this one the FT Versa model from the geniuses over at FliteTest.

Today my son Jake and I took it out for a maiden flight. After some confusion with reversed controls, I was finally able to get it up in the air. And it flies awesome. As in, I'm super stoked that something we assembled in 2 hours is able to fly as good as it does. I had a smile plastered on my face the whole time.

Continued success is what drives me through all of my projects. I'm not talking about 100% success, just something that comes together and really wows me. Now it's time to combine some circuit building into my designs -- maybe some pulsing or rotating lights?