Voynich Deciphered?

If you're not familiar with the Voynich Manuscript, it's a book thought to be created in the 16th century written in an undecipherable text with drawings of plant species that don't match anything that exists today. I've been fascinated by the concept for the last few years.

I just came across an article published in Wired in 2004 where a psychologist claims to have "broken" the code -- that it's not a code at all but rather an elaborate hoax. I have to say, I was a little disappointed that the mystery had been solved. However, the article is light on details and it seems that the "community" in general has continued to disagree for the past 5 years.

Be this text a hoax or a secret undecipherable message, I think it's important that we appreciate the mystery of it all. Mysteries fuel imagination and creativity. Imagination and creativity fuel innovation and drive us to solve impossible problems or beat impossible odds.

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