Linoleum Block Printing

In gradeschool, I remember being given a rubbery block of linoleum and a sharp (very sharp) carving blade with which to create my design. I carved a brontosaurus and remember that more than half of the kids in class ended up cutting themselves in one way or another. About six months ago I purchased a Speedball Block Carving kit at Hobby Lobby which sat unused on a shelf in the corner of my shop -- until yesterday. On a whim I decided to give it a shot with a basic carving just to see how it worked.
The kit included everything you see here -- the three blades come in large, small, and "V"-shaped. I started with a basic design (one that I draw on just about everything.) The good news: I didn't cut myself. The bad news: there are probably shavings around and in the couch in the basement.

I found that re-inking the block each time produced the best results.

And last but not least: I stamped the inside of a "secret compartment book" that I finished last week. Unfortunately the cover didn't turn out so well, so I ended up just painting it black.

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