Model Train Town

Now that soccer season is over I have a lot more for projects. It's been almost a year since I put the ledge train up and I've decided to build the town to go with it.

I started with a scale drawing based on a charming nearby town called Mariemont. The plan is to build a row of shops, a clock tower, a hotel, and a movie theater. The cardboard mock-up helped me to work out all of the kinks without having to cut a a bunch of wood. Cardboard is much easier to cut!

I had some luan sitting around the shop so I went ahead and jumped into construction. The cuts weren't terribly difficult so I managed to get a lot done this afternoon. The difficult part is going to be the dormers -- the angles on the roof are tricky.

Next I'll paint it and add cardboard cutouts for the window panes along with LED lights for the inside.

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